The children have been learning about the monarch butterfly.

January 18, 2017
  • “the teachers had heard that the monarch butterfly was starting to diminish, so after talking to the children and the parents we decided that we should help the monarch butterfly stay in the sky. 

    It also will help the children to develop the understanding of the life cycle of the butterfly.

    We got some swan plants and asked Little Waikato Scholars Educare if we could have some caterpillars to put on the plants. 

    Jo bought the caterpillars over and the children watched her carefully put the caterpillars on, then they saw the caterpillars eating the leaves, this made for some amazing discussion. 

    One of our amazing parents bought in some smaller swan plants that she had growing in her garden for the caterpillars in case they got hungry and needed more food.

     Over the weekend the caterpillars turned into Chrysalis and again this amazed the children, the older children remembered what this stage was called as they had been learning about it at four-year-old time.

    We are now watching the chrysalis to see what the next stage is.”


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