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    Dear Suzanne and Team at Little Waikato Scholars Prep School

    Thank you for having us to visit on Wednesday 20th May as part of the Denlite Programme for pre-schoolers. We were so impressed with the preparatory work you did towards making our visit such a success and loved the “Dental Clinic” corner assigned to us.We did note the healthy food cut outs super-imposed on Molar tooth outlines and the toothbrush artwork.

    It was a pleasure to see the children keen to have their turn and without a tinge of anxiety. You all made a significant effort to keep them in their comfort zone and are to be congradulated.
    We look forward to further contact with you in  the future. With much appreciation for your support

    Kindest regards
    From The Peachgrove Team

    The Little Waikato Scholars Prep School is a centre with a difference; it is as natural on the inside as it is on the outside!

    The centre is set up with easy access for the children and the environment has resources that are rich in learning opportunities. The design of the interior offers a quiet area for reading, puzzles and block building, a hands-on science area and a music area. We also have a room dedicated to creative, imaginative play – which also has a family area set up in close proximity so that parents and care givers can observe their children in action!

    Outside is a natural oasis; with trees, gardens, turtles and rabbits! The children are able to grow their own vegetables….and eat them! With a bike track, sandpit, a hidey-hole and a whare to play in…
    What a great way to learn!!!

    Little Waikato Scholars Prep School @ 644 Grey Street, Hamilton East, Hamilton


    The children love being outside and having such a large play area they are able to freely explore and make sense of the working world around them. The children are able to work with and alongside each other to master the art of working together and problem solve obstacles that might come up.

    What an awesome adventure the young pirates of Little Waikato Scholars Prep School went on, the searched the playground for the hidden treasure box, that was buried deep under ground. When the treasure was found the pirates all sat down to a hearty feed of pirate snacks.

    So much happens in one day for our little tamariki, they are always busy learning and searching for adventures. Each child has their own programme in life and having the tools at Little Waikato Scholars Prep School to foster this helps the children to build a better understanding of what their journey is.

    Our new babies at Little Waikato Scholars Prep School, getting to know each other and build those bonds of questioning within their new environment.