• Toddlers

    We love our dramatic play, we do it inside and we do it outside. Dramatic play helps us to build up our story telling skills and develops our literacy. Plus it also helps us to make friends and understand the art of turn taking, sharing and problem solving.


    What a busy time we have outside, we are able to challenge ourselves in all areas of the playground. We are also aware that if we need help that a teacher is close by to guide us and help us reach our full potential.

    Our toddlers are always busy, with lots to do each day in the room they never get bored. From playing hair dressers, to reading books in book corner, to experimenting with foam and dye to see what the reaction is, to making some biscuits to share with the whole centre for afternoon tea.

     With winter here the children are role playing going to the doctor. Having the age appropriate toys for the children helps to build and great further knowledge of the wider world in today’s society. Here the boys are out in the playground working together to problem solve how they will get up on top of the round barrel.

    The toddlers are independent learners and are seeking new ways to do things that challenge them and keep their minds seeking answers to questions, they love asking the question “Why”.

    As we like to incorporate home life into the children’s everyday life at the centre we do a lot of home baking with the children so they can share with their friends and family. Because our toddlers have older siblings, having a playground that is shared by everyone the children get to play and learn with their siblings and cousins when they wan,t without any barriers to stop them.

    Science is just not for the older children, the toddlers are making their own lava lamps with Adrienne they are mixing oil and food colouring to see what the effect will be. Once completed the children were in awe of what they had created and investigate the lava lamps for ages.

    With the Digger out the front of the centre it was time to go and investigate what was happening, once the children had seen and had a sit in the digger it was back in to the centre and outside to play diggers in the sandpit.

    Here the nursery and the toddlers are using their imagination to draw around their friends and see what kinds of markers they can leave on the cement. Each child had their own way of laying down, so this gave an awesome effect to the outlines they were tracing.