• Nursery

    Outside we are able to try all the equipment and gain control over our bodies, and teach ourselves that challenging yourself leads to confidence and perseverance. The playground is designed for all of us no matter what age we are. 

    In the nursery we are able to explore and investigate the room. We also do baking and then we get to eat it once we have finished. Life in the nursery is so like being at home, full of fun and caring teachers to listen, help and just be with us. 

    Nursery is a busy place, but it is also a quiet place, the children love being outside with their friends and their siblings. Because outside is so big the nursery children love exploring what is happening around them, with having equipment that is built for them they can challenge themselves and have that feeling of I can do it – independence.

    In the nursery the children are able to explore, problem solve and wonder about the what next. The children are able to participate in so many varying activities that are age appropriate for them, having this available for them they can grow in independence and knowledge of the wider world.