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    “My son Tyler started at Little Waikato Scholars Educare when he turned 3 years old.  He spent his last two preschool years with an amazing team of Teachers who made him feel like he was more part of an extended family than just one of the kids. Jo and the team know each and every one of the children by name and are so caring it really makes you feel like you are leaving your child with more than just a day care facility.  I loved the way Tyler saw and played with his little sister while at day care as they shared the outdoor play area and often did activities together outside of their age grouped areas. 

    Tyler and his preschool friends often enjoyed various outings- from local trips to the museum to a trip to Motat in Auckland.  These trips were very well organised in advance and didn’t cost the earth.  I also loved the way teaching of all sorts of safety skills was also a priority. Tyler came home one day knowing all about fire safety being aware of having smoke alarms and enjoyed the visit from the firefighters with their fire trucks.  

    Tyler has just started school and it was a sad time for both him and his teachers at the end of his time there. Tyler was however so ready and prepped for school with the help of  Little Waikato Scholars Edcuare  four year old activities and learning that went on throughout his last year there.  He could write his name, could show and name every letter in the alphabet, and could count to a hundred just to name a few things. This was all integrated into fun activities and even some worksheets that he could do at home enjoying his learning with family and showing them just what he had learnt. His new Primary School was very impressed with his transition to school folder which showed some of Tyler’s learning and work showing exactly where he was at. 

    There is just one regret I have and that is not starting Tyler at Little Waikato Scholars Educare  earlier, but I am so pleased he had the time he had there, making lots of friends and having so much fun while learning at the same time.”

    – Anna Graham, 11/11/2015