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  • About Us

    The Little Waikato Scholars Educare Centre was established in January 2009 and has a strong whanau approach to educating our under-fives, with the Little Waikato Scholars Prep School in Hamilton East, being focused on getting your child “school ready”.

    Having a male teacher here at Little Waikato Scholars Educare, gives the children a different perspective on learning. Mr Henry joins us at least once a week to do the manly things that us female teachers just can’t grasp. He also is able to bring that Maori perspective to the centre and the children are able to become immersed in the culture and the customs more. The children love to listen to Mr Henry`s stories and love to play more fast past games with him.
    We are lucky to have a male teacher at the centre and also have one at Prep School as well.

    Families are important to us at Little Waikato Scholars Educare, so celebrating special events in children’s lives are important for the centre.