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Welcome to Little Waikato Scholars

Little Waikato Scholars is privately owned. The Owner /Centre Manager is ECE trained and has a vast knowledge of early childhood and is a mum to four children.

Little Waikato Scholars Educare centre was established in January 2009 and has a strong whanau approach to educating our under-fives.

Little Waikato Scholars Prep School was opened in Hamilton East, being focused on getting your child “school ready”.




 Parent Feedback

"Jo, Steve and the team at Little Waikato Scholars Educare have been incredible in their care, support and development of our (now) four year old daughter.  

They’ve been with us from day one of Isabella’s ASD discovery and they’ve learned with us, attended courses with us, advocated and supported our daughter and together we’ve learned and developed strategies to not only make life easier for her but to develop skills for her to cope when it’s not so easy. 

They’ve been invaluable to us and are always going the extra mile for not only our child, but all the children they care for. For the last 3 years they’ve provided Isabella with a nurturing, educational and flexible environment and Isabella has thrived in their care.

We could not recommend LWS more highly, thanks to you all for everything you do, we are very grateful."

- Liz, Lance and Isabella 



"Waikato Little Scholars is an awesome day care centre..  We have both our girls there, one in nursery and the other in toddlers, Jo and the teachers are amazing with them.  Both Jorja and Olivia have had wonderful opportunities to learn and play in a safe and caring environment.  The teachers know each child, are welcoming to parents and give great updates on what the girls have been up to – the activity book each year is awesome to see how much they have changed, grown and achieved.  Can’t thank you guys enough – you do a brilliant job!"

- Carolyn Palmer, November 2015 


"I can highly recommend Little Waikato Scholars Prep. Both my girls learnt a lot and loved going there. The teachers are awesome, all the children and parents love them. There is a lot to do inside and out. So pleased we found prep school. I travelled there from Glenview and still do. So worth it.

Sophie has left to go to school now."

- Hana Stevenson, August 2015


"Our son has just started school after attending Little Waikato Scholars for over 2 1/2 years.  In those years he has had the most amazing learning experiences by some very outstanding teachers.  The centre and teachers have a real passion for the children and their families. But not only do they teach them educational things, but how to be confident, friendly, responsible children who are excited to learn and grow. 

As our son progressed from the toddler room to prep room, right through to the preschool room, the centre's programme was tailored to support our sons learning, but also extended it immensely.  The 4 year old programme that they do on a daily basis to help the children get ready for school is outstanding.  The foundations they laid in these daily sessions exploring topics such as science, the human body, animals etc and the literacy and numeracy and the confidence our son gained in his writing skills has been invaluable. He has transitioned to school incredibly well as he has had a wonderful educational journey at Little Waikato Scholars to lay those vital learning foundations that are so important as they progress from Early Childhood to School.  We also have a daughter at the centre and she has blossomed with the love and care that the staff give to the children and she knows so much more after only being there for 6 months.  We love this centre and have recommended it to numerous family and friends (who's children now attend the centre!) and also love it.  Little Waikato Scholars has the most amazing centre manager Jo and we will forever be grateful for the love and education our children and us have received from this centre, the teachers and Jo. " 


"Just writing to say a extra big thank you to Jemma. She is amazing!! Always taking time out for Ben and helping him settle into activites at drop off time. Here he is hugging the Taniwha goodnight that they made together. He has called him "Lava the Taniwha, cos he's orange and breathes hot fire lava. And he scares people out of his room" 

Thanks Jemma and LWS